"Become Lustfully Magnetic So That You Can Turn Her Into A Mouth-Watering Nympho!"




Hello my friend

You are about to learn a seduction system like no other. It's recommeded that you own a copy of Super Seduction Power.

Introducing Super Seduction Power: (Volume 2) Lust Signals.

Before we get started, I must explain the context in which "lust" is being used. Let's refer to the American Heritage definition:

As you can see, it's about creating a desire. (or a psychological craving for sex - according to the wikipedia definition).

Although, this is Volume 2 of SSP, it's not better or worse, it just merely describes seduction (creating lust) from a different perspective - specifically from a "signals" standpoint.

CR James



NEW: Super Seduction Power: Lust Signals

"How To Engineer Sexual Attraction By Sending Lust Signals
That Drive Her Completely Wild"

Backgroung: I always found it fascinating how a woman could experience an out-of-this-world reaction to something a guy has done to her:

  • whether it was the most violent orgasm in history
  • whether it was being completely under his spell
  • whether it was being totally addicted to a guy as if he was drug
  • whether it was being in a relaxed trance every time he spoke
  • whether it was becoming a guy's "personal nympho slave"

It's fascinating (in my opinion) because this stuff happens a lot (as you already know).

So with that I developed
Super Seduction Power: Lust Signals

You'll read about the mind blowing true stories. You'll discover the step by step strategies that are not like anything you've seen before.

This course comes with a package of 4 reports.

{Report #1} Lust Signals: Sexual AutoPilot
"Turning Her Into A Nympho"

  • How to get that magical type of sexual energy that drives women wild (some guys have this naturally, you'll learn the secret way of getting it)
  • How to get a woman addicted to you (This is the process of Engineering a Nympho)
  • The biggest myth about initiating sex with a woman.
  • The dumb thing that most guys do when approaching her sex.
  • The story about my friend in the clothing store. Why did he fail to get the woman's phone number? Why did she secretly give me her number?
  • Most guys think all you need is _____________ and ___________ (Boy are they completely wrong)
  • If you don't do this BEFORE you make your sexual move, you simply will get rejected 98% of the time. (Sometimes you accidentally do it and sometimes you don't (page 5)
  • If you have a friend that does "this" when you are around females, you can use it to increase your sexual value like crazy.
  • You'll learn a secret that shows you how to make her more aggressive in her attempts to let you know that she is sexually interested. Page 8 (Great for shy women)
  • You will learn the "one" super simple thing you can do to make ANY women more obvious with her secret sexual desires.
  • You will also learn the "one" simple thing that increase her desire for you.
  • BRACE YOURSELF: This ebook contains 2 emails by women who emailed me about their husbands. If your wife thinks like these 2 women I will apologize right now (but it will explain why she isn't in the mood)
  • Learn the 9 levels of SEXUAL DESIRE. (This will change the way you see women forever)
  • Learn how to stop doing this 'deadly thing' that turns women off instantly. Some guys are "Super Geniuses (without realizing it) At Turning A Horny Woman ICE COLD"
  • Learn the secrets of making the sexual session so steamy that weird things start to happen.
  • Learn my formula for making the sex EXTREMELY hot and passionate. (There is no other formula out there that compares to it.) PAGE 18
  • When it comes to approaching a woman for sex, there are 3 types of guys and only 3 types of guys. Which one are you? (Hint: the guy that is the most effective is actually more similar to the guy who is the least effective)
  • Learn why sexual energy is "real" (Even though so guys think energy doesn't exist)
  • Learn how to engineer sexual aura using a different approach
  • You'll read about the REAL life humbling stories that proves that your sexual aura has NOTHING to do with your looks. Some women 'think' they don't find their husbands attractive, but if he learned how to increase his sexual aura she would go crazy over him
  • Learn the importance of sending POWER SIGNALS
  • You will learn 'secret signals' that drive her wild (And no one else will teach you this. I just want to make that clear.)
  • What can you learn from a flying sperm cell?
  • How to change her perception of you...strategically!
  • Learn the "SSP Adjusted" Strategy. (100% fun to do)

"I have met over 100 women the last six months.
dated 10 seriously."

From: filbert <***** @ yahoo.com>
To: CR James

yes, and I love you direct writing style. at age 70 & recently divorced, I wish I had access to your material when I was 18!!!!!!

I have met over 100 women the last six months. dated 10 seriously.

One 48-year old led me to her bed on the 2nd & 3rd date, then called me and said I made her feel like a slut!
another (after 5 nice dates) called me & said all I wanted was a "datefuck "???
several promised sex, but only after "getting to know me"?

My current lady said I'm coming over and fuck your ass off!! She did, and we are still together, because she tells me what she thinks, and I love it!
That woman is a rare find!!!!
Because of your books, am more able to accept & love a woman like that!

drive on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Commander Phil Prawl
Age 70,
Retired Navy,
Retired Consultant to Small Businesses, BSBA, MBA
Palm Bay, FL, USA



{Report #2} Lust Signals: Sexual Value Secrets
"Learn Advanced Psychological Strategies For Initiating Sex"

  • Learn the 2 types of sexual value. (Yep, there's two!)
  • If she only 'appears' to want sex every once in a while, chances are it's because of "this"
  • How to calculate with laser precision your "real" sexual value. It's time consuming, but you'll learn how to do it if you really wanted to (mathematical formula on page 4)
  • How to "brain shield" yourself from believing her if she ever says she has a low sex drive... (She may believe that at first, but you don't have to)
  • Secret Test: How to tell if her 'so called' bad sexual experience is REALLY stopping her from enjoying sex with you
  • In SSP you learned the basic seduction formula; well you will learn the more powerful versions of those formulas. These formulas will make your jaw drop
  • What can you learn from the "stalker girl"?
  • This whole book is designed to super change how you initiate sex.
  • You will learn what I believe is the best system for initiating sex (from a psychological point of view)
  • You will learn the 3 Deadly Reasons why guys get rejected by a Horny Woman after 98% of the work was done
  • Some women hide the fact that they are horny as hell. Well have no fear you learn a system that neutralizes this! She'll think she is hiding it from you, but on the inside you'll be laughing because it's like having on magical I-Can-Tell-That-You-Are-Horny glasses.
  • Learn the secret Under Language that your woman may have been trying to play with you for years!
  • Learn the CS Technique (the 3 step process)
    No hints. No hints. No hints.
  • How you can use this "selling technique" to drive her wild in bed.
  • I sum up everything by saying there is information about initiate sex in this book that you do not know. And this information will make you more effective at initiating sex.

    And being more effective at initiating sex WILL get you more sex!!!

"...she has approached me for sex"

From: "Dan" <*****@*****.co.nz>
To: "CR James"


When I was reading your book, SSP, I think my eyes were finally opened as to what was going on. I have been married for nearly six years and my wife had long lost the "I want to have awesome sex with you" outlook, even though she continued to say she loves sex.

I would then get confused why she didn't want sex with me when I approached her as I was her husband and she could only get it through me. (she got very annoyed at me in fact)

I felt as though our marriage was really on the brink of breaking up. We would argue all the time and even the smallest issues became threatening to our relationship. But I realise now, after reading your book that I was guilty of making myself undesirable (having no sexual value what-so-ever) to my wife.

My desperation to fix my marriage brought me to Google. I found your website and the introduction made perfect sense. I purchased your book, downloaded all of your reports and read them all within 2 days (My wife was really annoyed at this because I wasn't spending time with her, but I realised I just had to do something).
I can honestly say that within the week of me reading it and [.....] had the most surprising results

(This was after I told her [a tip in the book] (YEAH RIGHT! - Sarcastic tone) and [...]. Plus the [another tip]. Anyway, my wife and I started to become friends again. She respected my view on things we would normally argue about. I had a hard time adjusting my confidence level but it is currently on the up.

And as if on cue, she has approached me for sex - WOW! (Damn, I wish my Dad had told me things like this when I was a teen) We still have had our glitches now and again but our relationship is way better now than it has been for years.

Anyway, I loved your report on Sexual Auto Pilot. I look forward to your upcoming reports.

PS. If I had one piece of advice for the other sexually frustrated men out there, you need to spend time with your partner and make an effort as I have. And read and apply the incredibly valuable information from CR James - Thanks a million!

Kindest regards,

Age: 26
Christchurch, New Zealand



"its quite intense how
she is reacting to my comments

From: "max ****" <****@*****>
To: "CR James"


Just what is it about you? Just when I have my wife eating out of my hand, you come up with even more great stuff. Since your first e-book hit my computer a few months ago our sex life has blasted off into dizzying heights. I try not to use it on the common female on the street or where ever I meet them, but I can't help it, and I know that I have made an emotional impression.

Women at bookstores, coffee shops, or retail mega stores have this look on their faces that tells me that I have affected them in a very powerful way, it's a good thing that I can leave.


All of that is beside the point, this morning when I took my lady of 33
years back to bed after getting the kids to summer school I had her sooo
worked up that I wondered who in the world we were.

Without any effort she was so turned on by [a Lust Signals Technique] that I wondered if the neighbors heard us howling like a couple of lions in heat, its really something how
your scientific approach has turned us into a couple of new lovers, she must
have thanked me 3 or 4 times before I left for work and then she called me
before she left for work and told me what a great time she had, and can't
wait to see me again, it seems like we screwing like a couple of new lovers,
its quite intense how she is reacting to my comments, (keep up the good
work) lol.

Thank you,
Max ,

Age: 53
Cleveland, Ohio, USA



{Report #3} Lust Signals: Auto Lust Signals
"Increase Your Sexual Aura FAST by projecting the 5 Power Signals"

  • Learn the 5 Power Signals

  • Learn the M-Sex Experiment. You can test this out on a female friend.
  • Learn the "room of people" technique
  • Learn how to increase the amount of sex you get with her by understanding "the 3 bouncing balls"
  • Learn how to use 'something that all women do' as a brilliant mechanism to get her to build your sexual value for you. (In my opinion: It's just flat out fun)
  • Discover an overlooked "thing that happens" when you are talking to a woman
  • Learn the powers of her "Leaping Pattern" (This allows you to fully understand how it's possible for a woman to sleep with a guy within minutes of meeting him.)
  • Learn a trick that is great for women who are good at talking over you or talking faster than you.
  • Get her to talk about these "5 things" and you will have the ingredients of a seduction technique that will make her melt like crazy...(Please do not overuse this technique)
  • Learn the technique that makes it so that no other guy can compete with you. You can make her think you are the most amazing guy she has ever met. (This is fun to do)
  • Learn the "new analogy" that shows how frightenly easy a guy can steal away your woman (or at least screw her brains out before she realized what happened). Don't let a creep with bad intentions use this on the woman you love, because she would need an IQ of 900 to realize what he is doing.
  • Learn the SSP C&A Technique: This is a secret process for discovering how amazing she thinks you are (at any time).
  • Learn the 9 Levels of Sexual Aura. All you have to do is make sure you understand where you are now and you'll have Intense Magnetic Sexual Aura in no time!
  • Be sure to remember that this is your Sexual Aura guide forever. If you ever experience a dip, you can refer back to your easy-to-do step by step system to skyrocket your sexual value in no time.
  • Learn the M-Sex Experiment. (oh wait, I said that already)

"The part the really intrigued
me was The [M-Sex] Experiment"

From: "**** *****" <****@hotmail.com>
To: "CR James"

CR James,

I have read your report and found it interesting, and I can see from
personal experience that it does work. It has worked for me, though I didn't
know what I was doing, or why it was working. I'm referring to the signals.
Now that I know what the signals are and why they work I can start using
them together for better results.

The part the really intrigued me was "The M-Sex Experiment". I must say that I
had done it before with decent results. I was at a movie on a date, and just started to
[do the M-Sex Experiment], and right away she became more affectionate throughout the whole date!

It worked for me on at least one other occasion while on a date, but I really should not have been driving.... hehehe.

I can tell you the I have never tried it on a stranger,
but now im tempted. Anyway thank you for the excellent material and keep up the good work!

Thank you


Greetings Mr James,

I find your writing intriguing, and unlike some other stuff I have
bought, actually useful.

Thank You

London, Ontario, Canada

"they have certainly increased my understanding
of male/female dynamics"

From: Dan <***** @ yahoo.com>
To: CR James


Thanks for putting in the time to write your
reports. I appreciate your efforts and they have
certainly increased my understanding of male/female

I am what you might call a "student of
life" (for lack of a better term,) and am always
seeking to increase my knowledge and understanding of
the world around me, including of course, women. I
know quite a bit about the subject, but am always
seeking out new angles and perspectives, and your work
has provided that.

Great job!

I found your [M-Sex experiment] to be very interesting.

Thanks again and keep up the great work, I
appreciate your efforts and have learned a lot from
your reports!



cutting edge with some excellent examples !!!

From: henry <***** @ yahoo.com>
To: CR James

Hey James,

Fantastic stuffs on attracting women... the info are simple but cutting edge with some excellent examples !!!

Thanks MAN!!!

Please send me more surprises!!!!!!!! [he is referring to the surprise reports sent to customers]

PS: I've already got the Lust Signals: Sexual Auto Pilot report you send me last week

(Very Unique stuff, too)

Please keep up the excellent worksssss!!!


Age: 24

"I especially liked the idea of
perception-driven seduction.

From: ****@aol.com
To: "CR James"

Thanks. I enjoyed it very much.

I especially liked the idea of perception-driven seduction. The examples really make it clear just what you mean. I am working hard to be aware of lust signals in my relationship.

Age: 60
San Diego, CA, USA


"I am seeing some very
real and positive changes in my life"

From: <charles ***** @ ****>
To: "CR James"

Excellent, thank you for the latest download. I'm still working my way
through your ebooks, and will probably be reading them more than once as I
can see the positive results and breakthroughs on several fronts. Of course
I don't agree with everything you write and still have my own theories. But
that's not the point. Most important is the fact that I am seeing some very
real and positive changes in my life
thanks to your work.


Age: 34
Freelance Writer (Dad and Husband)
East Kent, UK

"It has made a lot of noticeable difference in my relationship with my wife."

From: "PK **** <***** @ rediffmail.com>
To: "CR James"

Dear James,

I found your observations, recommendations and techniques amazingly perceptive and useful. Best thing about your e-books is your "tell it like it is" style, rather than anything else I've read so far.

It has made a lot of noticeable difference in my relationship with my wife.

Keep up the good work, James. God bless. :-)

With best regards,
PK Agrawal
Age: 37 years
IT Enabled Engineering Services
Hyderabad, India

Lust Signals: Techniques
"Learn The 4 "Lust Signals" Seduction Techniques

  • Learn "The Fish Filter" Technique: which is probably one of the best techniques you can ever do! (especially for guys who sexual value is extremely low. Warning: If your sexual value is somewhat high, it will literally make her so horny that you will not believe your eyes (you simple will not learn this any where else)(this techniuqe should be sold separately for at least $300 because the response is so predictable)
  • Learn "The Fish Filter" Technique (because it should be illegal)
  • Learn the brilliance of T-Mapping. You can perform this on a woman in front of your buddies and they'll think you're David Blaine performing street magic. Use it on your woman for an even more amazing effect.
  • Learn the "worst signal" you could ever send.

    In fact, you'll see guys in public sending this signal to their female partners. (You may not know who he is, but you will know that he is not getting any tonight)

    (The sad thing is we are programmed to think that this works, but in future courses I'm going to refer to it as the "Signal of Death"
  • Learn the 4 high powered "Lust Signals" seduction techniuqes (the first one is "the fish filter technique"
  • Learn "The Fish Filter" Technique (Most guys tell me that they can't figure out why it works, but it's so powerful, I'm thinking about removing it.)

"the "T-Mapping" idea is a very powerful concept ..."

From: "" <***** @ msn.com>
To: CR James <cr @ superhappysex.com>

Hey CR,

Yes, your a genius!

The [fish filter technique] worked like a charm!

Also, the "T-Mapping" idea is a very powerful concept that i'd like to work with.

Keep up the good work and thanks for the ideas and info.

Age: 46
Network Engineer
Los Alamos, NM USA

''...can be used by any age group..."

From: **** <***** @ yahoo.com>
To: CR James

Hi James,

I've never written to you before, so I do owe you one

I just want to let you know that your material is
Right-ON! You have a handle on the female psyche and
how to penetrate it in a classy and acceptable manner.
Let's face it all is fair in love and war.

Most men (self included) are, or have been mystified by the
"female mystique" ,the aire they put-on, for too long.
Hell their just as insecure as anyone else.

Anyways, I like your approach, it's universal, and can
be used by any age group, not just the youngsters like
so much of these materials are aimed at (I'm 55),and am
busy with a 27 year old, and a 43 year old, works as
well on any age woman as they all want the same
things, attention! The right kind.

Your material provides the good blend and mix of emotional stuff
that keeps them on the hook, and us in the drivers
seat. I love it.

Thanks again, your efforts are appreciated .....keep
up the good work!

R. Clark
Age: 55
Union Administrator
Los Angeles, CA, USA


From: "Allen" <*****@hotmail.com>
To: "CR James"

Thank you for this excellent work. I appreciate your consideration.

What I enjoy about your work.

1. Your writing style is very readable and the format is logical and
2. I enjoy your personal examples (interlaced with occasional profanity)..
3. You know what you are talking about.

What I don't enjoy about your work...

1. It is too short! ;-)

Thanks again.

"the results were awesome..."

"I think that it is the most powerful thing that
you have ever written."

I thought that I would let you know how your latest idea has impacted my

A few weeks ago you sent out a few special reports for your subscribers,
including a few freebies if we let you print our comments.

You asked, I said ok, and then I was surprised as hell when I was reading my
comments in a special report. LOL.

Anyways...Your idea about [doing the "fish filter" technique] seemed like a reach for me.

I was willing to try but, I was looking for the right moment, it seemed
kinda corny.

[details removed]

Don't ya know she gives me this look like...

The results were awesome, some of the best sex we have had in days, (hey
dude, I'm using your stuff without even thinking about it now, every two or
three days sex is better than it ever was for 20 years or so) this was a
mind blowing situation because I hadn't even thought of using the,
[technique that you will not find anywhere else in the universe]
and when I did, WHAM! it was like a charged animal in the room.


Later she mentioned that she can't wait to get me back in the sack because I
satisfied her so.

It's scary, because it probably wasn't me, well maybe it was. LOL.
She was so turned on, I probably coulda been fat, bald, and broke too. LOL.

It's probably a good thing that I am married, I don't know if I could handle
the pressure of having to perform this on as more than one girl at a time,

I probably wouldn't have much time to work, eat or sleep. LOL.

Thanks CR, keep up the good work!

Max in Ohio

[***Update: 2nd email: 3 days later]

Just the other day I e-mailed my wife's reaction to the [the fish filter technique]...

I think that it is the most powerful thing that you have ever written!

After the first time [details removed]...

The next day I got up to put the ceiling fan on a higher setting...

She immediately said..."[details removed]"...

this was the next day...it wasn't a planned thing, I wasn't even thinking like you do. lol

I was adjusting the fan speed


Max from Ohio

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CR James


"Every man should do the fish filter technique at least once"

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